Daryl Campbell

Born in New York, Daryl has been a member of the community since the age of two. He attended St. Helen’s Church and School in Lauderdale Lakes, where he learned the power of God and prayer. As a product of Jamaican parents, Daryl is grounded in his Caribbean roots through his values of family, respect, and integrity.

Daryl’s heart for social service began when he was an undergraduate student at Jacksonville University working as a Student Advocate aiding elementary and high school students. He helped secure the resources the students needed to have positive learning experiences. Upon his involvement with these students and their families, Daryl’s focus expanded to the physical and mental health issues affecting them and their communities.

When Daryl moved back to Broward County after school, he became a licensed addiction therapist and worked with individuals struggling with substance use and mental health issues. While working in Broward County’s drug court program, Daryl treated individuals suffering from destructive addictive behaviors. He worked diligently to reduce the recidivism rate of those committing misdemeanor drug offenses.

While attaining his master’s degree in Social Work at Barry University, Daryl’s passion for effectuating change in the community grew. He became involved with the Victim Advocate program of the Broward County State Attorney’s Office. In his role as a Victim Advocate, he provided crisis intervention, short-term counseling, and supportive services to victims of crimes and their families. When he was not counseling, Daryl was organizing platforms for political candidates, coordinating voter rights initiatives, and increasing youth leadership engagement.

As a former Legislative Assistant to Minority Leader Bobby DuBose, Daryl educated constituents about congressional services, built relationships with governmental organizations and community leaders, and familiarized himself with issues affecting the community. Currently, Daryl is enrolled in Howard University’s Social Work PhD program in order to expand his awareness of community issues. Daryl continues his devotion to the community through increasing accessibility to Covid-19 vaccinations, advocating for social justice, and delivering mental health services.

"I am just a city boy raised as an island boy trying to make a DIFFERENCE, while holding God, Family, and Community at the center of my Decisions."

As a State Representative of District 99, Daryl will continue investing in the community by being a fierce advocate who advances policies for healthcare, economic development, education, criminal justice reform, and affordable housing. With solid leadership characteristics consisting of empathy, problem-solving, and integrity, Daryl will be a catalyst for building a stronger district.



  1. Increase access to quality mental health services and preventative healthcare services
  2. Increase access to quality substance abuse programs
  3. Expand the FL Medicaid program and access to quality Medicaid service providers
  4. Protect women’s reproductive rights


  1. Increase funding for public education, drop-out prevention programs, and alternative routes to success programs
  2. Expand access to affordable childcare and caregiving services
  3. Increase salaries and benefits of teachers, and improve teachers’ working conditions
  4. Secure funding for school and community financial literacy programs

Economic Development

  1. Increase financial support for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  2. Increase access to quality affordable housing
  3. Seek incentives for businesses that hire individuals with convictions on their record
  4. Raise the minimum wage

Criminal Justice Reform & Human Rights

  1. Decriminalize marijuana
  2. End policies and laws hindering the restoration of civil rights
  3. Pursue legislation that protects one’s right to protest freely
  4. Promote legislation that overturns discriminatory practices and laws
I will advocate on behalf of our community to ensure that those issues affecting us are addressed. I am confident as Representative of District 94, I embody the hope and resilience of the people. I will be a champion for those things that concern you and tirelessly fight for your rights.

I will continue be


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